We’ve had a lot of brides use Pilates to not only look their best but feel amazing too. Since a program specifically for brides has been one of the most requested services, we have decided to introduce one.

Designed to maximize your results in a short amount of time this is the ideal way to look your best for the big day.  Give us 10 weeks and we will give you a brand new body to walk down the aisle in!

Being in “Wedding shape” should be about more than just looking good, with Pilates you can improve the way you walk, stand, and move!

pilates class

Private Sessions

30 Sessions in 10 weeks

$45 / Session ($1350)

20 Sessions in 10 weeks

$50 / Session ($1000)

Group Sessions

20 Sessions in 10 weeks

$25 / Session ($500)

40 Sessions in 10 weeks

$20 / Session ($800)

*Additional fees apply for private sessions with Senior & Master instructors.