7 Benefits of Pilates at 50 and beyond

As we age, we may start to notice that our bodies no longer tolerate the same types of exercise that we once relied on to keep us in shape, especially high impact exercise.  Fortunately, Reformer Pilates is a highly effective, low impact form of exercise that offers many benefits to those 50 and over.

Safe & effective total body workout

Pilates strengthens the entire body through a series of controlled movements without placing stress on the joints or heart, making it safe and appropriate for all ages. Pilates can be tailored for all fitness levels and special needs making it perfect for those looking to start a fitness routine or take their fitness to the next level.

Ease back & joint pain

Pilates strengthens the deep core muscles while lengthening tight muscles, which makes it the perfect remedy for back pain and discomfort.  It also keeps joints mobilized and lubricated through low impact movement to help ease joint pain and arthritis.

Increase flexibility

Each Pilates exercise works to strengthen while lengthening the muscles.  This intelligent approach to movement leads to increased flexibility and range of motion in a relatively short time period.

Prevent injuries

Once a person’s powerhouse or core is strengthened through Pilates exercises, the body will become much more efficient in the way it moves and, thus more resistant to sport or everyday injuries.

Improve posture

Besides building a strong core and improving flexibility, Pilates is also known for creating perfect posture. Pilates strengthens postural muscles in the back and abdominal unit while stretching tight muscles in the chest and shoulder areas to combat a rounded or hunched over posture.

Build bone density

Pilates can help to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis by building bone density through low impact, weight bearing exercise.  If osteopenia or osteoporosis is already present, exercises can be modified to create a safe routine that can be done to slow down or stop the progression of bone loss.

Exercise the mind

Pilates requires concentration in order to perform the exercises with control and precision, creating a deep mind/body connection in each movement.  Pilates also focuses on developing coordination through movement and breath which keeps the mind sharp as we age.

We like to think of Pilates as the Cross Training for Life. Whether you are looking to enhance your performance in another discipline (running, tennis, golf, etc.), want to stay in shape as you age or just want to keep up with your grandkids; Reformer Pilates is the perfect choice. Regardless of your age or ability level, we can cater and modify to meet your needs. Call us today to set up your Initial Private Reformer Pilates Session ($39). We can’t wait to meet you!