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  • Maica Galan Garrido
    Maica Galan Garrido Certified

    Maica has been teaching at Reforming Indy since 2013. Maica has an extended background in the fitness industry and truly loves the health benefits that goes along with working out. During a class, Maica likes to provide a bootcamp style class, challenging her clients to dig deep and activate many of the little muscles that we do not use on a day-to-day basis.

    Maica Fun Fact: In her free time, Maica loves to hang out with her friends and her grandchild.

  • Melissa Keating
    Melissa Keating Certified

    Melissa is a certified IM=X Pilates Reformer and Mat instructor, getting her comprehension  and practical certification in NYC in 2007.  She has taught at a few studios in Indy, allowing her to learn under some amazing master trainers, as well as learning other methods and techniques along the way.  Over the years Melissa has also been certified in  Barre, with Physique57, allowing her to use her pilates background, and find deeper ways to lengthen and lean your muscles.  Physique57 is based out of NYC, and Melissa was thrilled to learn they were opening a studio here in Carmel’s Midtown Plaza!  Melissa is also certified in Cycle, with Cycle by Color, and Megaformer with [solidcore].  Melissa enjoys bringing fun little nuggets of what she has learned over the years, and prides herself on keeping her classes fresh and FUN!!

    Her style is athletic, faster paced, and often uses some sort of prop.  You will get your heart rate up and get a good sweat going! Melissa loves to work more than one thing at a time- keeping your mind active and confusing your muscles.  Anything you do to keep yourself active will pair well with pilates- so you really can’t go wrong!  If your movement is taking your dog for a walk- great!  If you can get to a class and get a good strength and cardio boost- great!  Allow yourself grace for what you can do today, don’t beat yourself up and think you need to be working out hours a day to see results.

    Set goals that are realistic and give your instructors the opportunity to help you achieve those!  See you in the studio soon!

  • Lauren Linos
    Lauren Linos BB Comprehensive

    Lauren is a Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates instructor and has been teaching since 2018. She has a lifelong passion for health and wellness.  Her introduction to Pilates took place in high school when she discovered her Mom’s Mari Windsor DVDs.  In 2011 Lauren joined Reforming Indy as a client and attended classes regularly until 2017, when she had the opportunity to begin training as an instructor.  What she loves most about teaching Pilates is that practically every exercise can be applied and/or modified for every body to achieve their fitness goals.  Lauren believes that practicing Pilates leads to better overall functionality, and invigorates the body and mind.  Studying and teaching Pilates continues to fuel her passion for the practice.

  • Tia Boorman
    Tia Boorman Certified

    Tia’s first Pilates encounter was as a dancer in the UK, with a love of movement & fitness, she was eager to learn more. She became certified in London with Body Control Pilates in the early 2000’s. She believes education is ongoing. She is certified in Pre & Postnatal. Small equipment. She is also a Comprehensive Balance body Instructor.  She believes Pilates is the foundation of all movements. It teaches you to really connect with your mind & body.

    Her class style is a mixture of classical and contemporary with an element of fun.

    She loves to help people feel strong, beautiful, confident and comfortable within their individual unique body. Her goal is to move with ease and fluidity through efficient, well balanced sequences aiming to leave them feeling strong, mobile and energized. To focus on alignment & reconnect with the most important thing we have, our bodies & mind.

  • Kristan Netterville
    Kristan Netterville Certified

    Kristan received her Pilates comprehensive training and certifications from the Kinected Center at the Kane School, Center for Movement NYC, and Terri Steel Pilates and has over ten years of teaching experience. She is also a professional dancer and trained and graduated from the prestigious Trinity Laban Music and Dance Conservatory based in London, England. Kristan utilizes the principles of functional movement, muscle coordination, and body mechanics, to develop creative, fun and goal-oriented sessions that integrate the full body in an efficient and challenging workout and prides herself in having client-focused result driven sessions. Kristan’s classes are designed to encompass the true essence of mind-body integration and she encourages her students to stay present in the moment, connect through movement exploration and cherish simple moments of movement intelligence

  • Sigourney Neeley
    Sigourney Neeley Certified

    Sigourney had the opportunity to train with Master Instructors in both Cincinnati and Indianapolis as she completed her Balanced Body Comprehensive training.  She always had a passion for movement, but it wasn’t until she discovered Pilates that she found her true calling.  She struggled with finding true enjoyment in her workouts and in her routines – but the mind & body connection that Pilates provided completely reignited her passion for fitness.  When she isn’t teaching, she spends her time practicing and learning so she can incorporate new exercises and techniques into her classes.  She continues to be inspired to teach others because she believes Pilates truly is for everyone!  Regardless of your skill level, Pilates can transform your body and reignite your passion for fitness.  It can help strengthen and tone muscles, increase flexibility and provide a deeper connection between body & mind.  Sigourney believes in balance & that is exactly what you can expect  in her classes.  She loves to incorporate new and creative ways to challenge your body, but she will always tie in traditional exercises & breath work into your experience.


  • K.C. Clark
    K.C. Clark Certified

    Kirsten has been practicing Pilates since 2015, while she was training for her first marathon. Although it wasn’t planned, Kirsten dropped 10 strokes off of her golf game after taking Pilates for only 6 months. As a former triathlete, she has always been very active. She has done Cross fit, Barre Classes, Master Swimming, Spinning Classes, and Yoga, among others. She loves the body-mind connection of Pilates and loves teaching people how the power of strengthening their core affects all aspects of their movement. She is also very passionate about the fact that anyone, at any age, and any body type can do Pilates.

  • Karolyn Wilson
    Karolyn Wilson Certified

    Karolyn is a San Diego native who fell in love with Pilates in college. While pursuing a B.S in Kinesiology, she found Pilates to be a great place to spend time with her mom, move her body, and unwind from the stress of a demanding course load. After graduation, she moved to Scottsdale, AZ to complete a 450-hour apprenticeship through Personalized Pilates. Upon completion of her program, she then traveled far away from the warm weather to Indy where she completed her Comprehensive Balanced Body certification. Fascinated with how Pilates created space for her to dig deeper into mindful and restorative movement, she aims help others live their life pain free in all movement while creating strong minds and bodies. She loves using the Pilates method as a pathway to transform people’s mind-body connection and hopes to create a fun and judgment-free atmosphere, while also valuing the importance of functional movement and personal connection to everyone that she crosses. Karolyn also holds certifications in PNF stretching and group fitness. Karolyn loves music and has a vinyl collection of over 700 albums! She also enjoys baking sweets and spending time outside with her dog Koa.

  • Cheri Rainwater
    Cheri Rainwater Certified

    Cheri fell in love with Pilates 9 years ago after a series of injuries caused her to be unable to run or do any high impact weight training. Then she found the Pilates reformer. She started her practice as a student two years later and has enjoyed teaching ever since.   She has two certifications through IM=X and Club Pilates.  Cheri approaches her practice and teaching with enthusiasm, creativity and gratefulness.

  • Tammy Wiggins
    Tammy Wiggins Certified

    Tammy fell in love with Pilates because once she tried it, she found it toned her muscles and increased her flexibility like no other movement modality. She is a comprehensively certified instructor through Balanced Body and has been teaching for 8 years. She teaches in the same style she likes her classes, athletically-inspired and a great total-body workout. When not teaching, Tammy enjoys hiking and taking her labs for walks.

  • Taylor Bennett
    Taylor Bennett Certified

    Taylor has worked in the health and fitness industry for more than 20 years. Taylor has a comprehensive Pilates certification from PEAK PILATES and has taught Pilates at gyms and private studios around Central Indiana for the past 10 years. Taylor is also a certified yoga teacher and obtained her 200 hour certification in Peru.  She is a certified Group Fitness Instructor and has taught a wide variety of fitness classes, from step, cycle, and kickboxing  Taylor also served as the Fitness Consultant for FitCity Indy.  She has a strong passion for pilates and firmly believes in functional  movement, a mind-body connection and breathing.

  • Danielle Bonaventura
    Danielle Bonaventura Certified

    Danielle grew up as a gymnast and because of her active and competitive nature became involved in travel golf, travel basketball, travel softball, volleyball and track. Because of this broad experience she has trained in many physical techniques and discovered pilates after developing joint weakness in her hips, lower back pain and burnout from other exercise techniques.


    Danielle has been instructing since 2018 and holds a comprehensive pilates certification through a 500 hour training program that incorporates multiple apparatuses including the reformer, springboard, exo chair, ladder barrel, Cadillac, TRX and classical mat pilates. She is also a certified Barre Above instructor.


    Danielle enjoys fusing both classical and modern pilates exercises. She is fun, energetic and loves a good sense of humor. She enjoys working with clients of all levels and excels at catering to each individual while guiding them to realize their full potential. Her biggest pleasure is teaching pre & post-natal private lessons as it truly helped her remain strong and healthy during and after the deliveries of her two little girls, Daisy and Dovie.

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