Why begin with an Initial Private session?

private pilatesThe question: Why cant I just jump into a class?

While a prospective client doesn’t always ask this question out loud, we can often sense this is what they are thinking after we recommend they start with a one-on-one initial session.

Not an upsell

Rest assured that this isn’t a sales pitch or an attempted upsell.  More than a decade of teaching the philosophies of Joseph Pilates has taught us that clients who go straight into classes don’t stick with it compared to those that invest in private sessions to start.

Why the difference?

Some clients lack proper coordination and mind-body connection; meaning their body hasn’t been trained to do what their brain is telling it to do. These clients may feel uncoordinated, lost, or even embarrassed; causing them to quit before they experience the benefits of Pilates. If mind-body connection is lacking, your instructor may simplify and slow down movement sequences until greater connection is achieved.  With proper one-on-one instruction, coordination and mind-body connection will improve quickly.

Other clients may not feel much and might walk away from a class feeling it wasn’t challenging enough. This is usually a result of overly dominant global muscles and an inability to activate deep core muscles. These clients aren’t engaging the correct muscles and doing the exercises properly. Ask anyone who has been practicing Pilates for an extended period of time; the more they understand which muscles to engage and how to engage these muscles, the harder the exercises become. Private instruction is a great place to hone in on form and proper activation so that you are getting the most out of each and every movement during your Pilates class.

Initial Private assessment

The primary reason we begin with an initial private is to assess a client’s current fitness level and analyze strengths and weaknesses. One of our highly trained instructors will identify issues related to inflexibility, muscle imbalance, poor muscle recruitment, and abnormal movement patterns.  Once this information is gathered, an individualized plan with be created for the client that will include any necessary modifications that will need to be made in order to avoid injury or pain during future classes or private sessions.

Starting on solid ground

The countless transformations we’ve been privileged to witness over the past decade have taught us that a strong foundation is crucial for long term success. Some clients require private instruction for several months before classes are appropriate. Most of these clients are genuinely grateful they took the time to work one-on-one with an instructor in order to develop a deeper understanding of their bodies and the Pilates method. If these clients decide to join classes they feel less intimidated, more confident and perform the exercises more effectively.

If you truly want to experience Pilates and all of its amazing benefits, booking an initial private session is hands down the best place to start.  Reforming Indy offers a special initial private rate of $39 for all new clients to get started at our studio. A small investment in your long term health and wellbeing!  Book now: 317.571.8880