Bootcamp VI Beauties

Each of the ladies that participated in both sessions of Bootcamp VI are an inspiration to all of us at the studio.  I asked 5 of the most physically changed women to give their biggest take away from Bootcamp with me.  Their stories are sure to inspire, awe, and motivate you to get up, get moving, and maybe finally sign up for Bootcamp VII.


Loni’s Take On Bootcamp:

“What I got out of boot camp was revisiting a lifestyle with a new set of rules. The gluten, dairy, and sugar free lifestyle is something that has been easier than what I thought it would be. You taught us that we have to live a little, but most of the time to make good choices. In my past, I am usually 100% good or bad with my food choices. I needed to find something that would work for me and I think this is the answer! I also met a great group of women that will be lasting friendships! Thanks Kaity, for being there for bouncing recipes off of you, kicking my butt, and always having a smile on your face. I love surrounding myself with loving, energetic, and positive people and you are an amazing coach!”



Laura’s Take On Bootcamp:

“1. It’s important to do something for you and its OK to do that. It’s also OK to take care of yourself and make it a nonnegotiable.

2. Who cares what people say about your success! As long as you are happy with where you finish, that is what truly matters.

3. I can do it. I can change my diet, and enjoy it.  I can work out three times a week, and want to do more.  I can do a push-up, LIKE A REAL PUSH UP.  I can do dumb Laura push-ups (aka a plank progression push up combination that Laura does not care for much at all), and I hate them but I can do them.  I can do Kelly’s class and not puke.  I can do boot camp. I can do it.  I crave salads. I get the “itch” if I haven’t worked out. I’ve had one diet coke in over 2 months. It’s all just crazy. Thank you for everything.”



Ashley’s Take On Bootcamp:

“Today, I put on a shirt that used to be my FAVORITE!  I haven’t worn it in a couple years because it’s tight; and me and “tight” haven’t been homies for a while!  I am so thrilled I decided to join Bootcamp 6.  I have always loved working out, and that part of it wasn’t a hard choice for me.  We’ve had incredibly hard workouts and I’ve done things I didn’t know I was capable of.  But making myself a priority in all facets is not something I’ve ever been good at.  I had to make time to workout six days a week.  And I love it!  Eating clean and gluten free takes work.  It’s not impossible!  It seems like an overwhelming feat…but I’m glad I stuck with it.  I spend half of a day grocery shopping, chopping things, and prepping our meals for the week.  I get bitter about it and wish I didn’t have to…but it’s so worth it to feel like I do!  I can’t believe the difference being gluten free has made.  I have never EVER in my life lost weight.  No matter what I’ve done or eaten, or not eaten.  So to have lost what I did in pounds and inches…just can’t believe it.  I feel really good in my own skin right now.  I’m not sure that I have ever in my life been able to say that.  And I’m not tiny, I don’t weigh what I did in high school nor am I in those size pants.  But I feel healthy and strong and that is worth every ounce of effort I have to put into it.”



Kathy’s Take On Bootcamp:

“I think my biggest takeaway was that I gained some confidence that I actually was able to do more than I thought I could do. I began to feel better about myself as the results of my efforts started to show.”







 Jordan’s Take On Bootcamp:

“I learned how to make good choices while still being realistic about real life and enjoying things within reason, not feeling depraved.”













These women are all inspirations to me. They are from all ages, walks of life, interests, professional backgrounds, and more. However, they all stepped up to take on the challenge to make their health a priority. Look what can happen when you set your mind to something and make a commitment to change. Amazing things, my friends. Hope to help YOU make the change or encourage someone you love to make the change after the new year. Peace, love, and muscles: Coach Kaity