Cross Train with Pilates

Pilates has always been the equivalent of your high priced green drink at the corner juice bar; incredibly good for your body, but a true investment in your health. And for good reason; it’s the most effective form of exercise, but comes with a higher price tag than your typical gym membership.  But things are shifting in the world of fitness.  Reformer Pilates is no longer just for the affluent.  In fact, if you ask me, it’s for those who understand (or are training themselves to) that the first wealth is health 

I don’t care what you do for your daily/weekly exercise. You might be a fan of organized fitness with machines and intervals. Maybe you’re a runner that needs that hour of independent thought and movement. Even if walking to and from the fridge or lifting that wine bottle to pour a little more is your exercise, you should cross-train with Reformer Pilates.

Why you ask?

  1. Strength:  Pilates is all about core strength. Not just the superficial outer muscles, but the deep inner stabilizing ones too. Like the pelvic floor and internal/external oblique muscles, that keep your hips aligned as you run. Or the transverse abdominals that help you pop off the couch so you can get to that microwaved popcorn before it burns.
  2. Control:  Who doesn’t love being in control? Pilates teaches you to control your movements and educates you about which muscles should be working to initiate these movements; creating a connection between your body and mind.  This body + mind connection is not only great for injury prevention, but it keeps the mind sharp, especially as we age.
  3. Balance:  I’m talking balance for your body and your lifestyle. Pilates aims to strike a balance within the body by creating the proper ratio of strength and flexibility throughout the entire musculoskeletal system.  Additionally, Pilates teaches us to connect breath with movement to achieve balance in our nervous system. This total body balance helps us cope with the physical and emotional stress that comes with a modern lifestyle. 

Whatever it is, Reformer Pilates makes you better. This ingenious form of exercise carries you from the Pilates studio into day to day life. It makes you better at juggling errands, kids, appointments, meetings, this upcoming election, the list goes on.

I mean, IDK about you, but I wake up every morning praying for strength, control and balance. I’d settle for 2 out of 3 on any given day. Pilates keeps me moving on the outside the same way that high priced green juice fuels me from the inside.