Giving Thanks & Surviving the Holidays

image(3)Tis (almost) the season! The holidays can either be a magical time of year for you or they can be dreaded and stressful.  Whether you are worried about gaining a few pounds or the looming cloud of forced family fun, here are my tips for surviving the holidays and keeping your sanity.

  • Take time for yourself– Yes, the holidays are about being with loved ones and being selfless.  That being said, to give your all you have to take care of yourself first.  So go workout for an hour, get your nails done, take a walk with the dog, or watch the game solo.  Whatever “Me” time is to you, take a little bit.  Then let go of the guilt that sometimes follows when you do something for yourself.
  • Indulge!-(But don’t overdo it) Have a slice of the pumpkin pie, the cup of hot chocolate, or the mashed potatoes.  Don’t have all of it, every day of the week, at every meal.  Then go play with your grand-kids or turn some music on and dance around with your girlfriends.  Life is about balance.  Eat the cookie, and then go for a walk.
  • Try a new tradition- If you aren’t trying new things you aren’t growing.  Do you normally laze about on Thanksgiving morning? Try volunteering with your family that morning or running the Drumstick Dash.  The holidays are about making memories and you can’t make new memories if you are stuck in an old routine.
  • Find a healthier alternative for your favorite holiday dishes and snacks– I LOVE sweets and sugar.  And the challenge of trying to figure out how to make my Grandmother’s double chocolate chip cookies nice instead of naughty is a thrilling task.
  • Marvel at the Winter Wonderland- Instead of dreading the impending snowfall this year embrace it! Winter is nature’s way of wiping the slate clean. Fresh snow equals fresh start.  It is the perfect time to set new goals and dream new dreams.