spring Facebook part 2

The energy flows where the attention goes….we keep waiting for the change to come, yet the thing we want to go away, just keeps coming back to kick us in the arse. The thing we’re focusing our attention just won’t leave us alone…GO FIGURE! We’re all sick & tired of this cold weather (mind you, uncontrollable by that thing called nature) and we’re focusing so much attention on complaining about how much this weather is ruining our lives. SO dramatic…well, here & now, this complaining and hibernation ends.


I have been in hibernation mode for months. A little gloomy, a little dark, and even a little bit depressive at times. This winter seemed to hit a little bit harder than those in the past. I even had a conscious action plan to avoid getting stuck down in the winder blues: the holidays with family, Bootcamp #3, my 24th birthday, and a trip to Chicago for my sister’s 30th. So, let’s just recap my Bootcamp #3 experience:


I’ve seen the first two Reforming Indy Bootcamp’s from start to finish: the excitement of the participants, the camaraderie of the group, the hardwork, the results, and the fun. I decided that Bootcamp #3 was for me – especially after I had lazily let my winter lbs weigh me down. I said to myself: this is my time (ok, so it took some convincing from my BFFAE, Annie as well as miss Jessica Treadway, & the great Coach Kaity), but I was totally ready after a mere delay in taming my commitment issues. Then, we decided to put a fun spin on sharing our Bootcamp Experience as an ‘insiders view of Bootcamp #3 from the eyes of Annie, Jessica, Kaity & Riana’ in which we shared a daily #45daysofbootcamp post on the beloved @instagram. So what do you get when you combine some of my favorite friends + clients, with my favorite social media network, with my job (have i ever mentioned that i LOVE my job?), and a whole lot of endorphins….PURE HAPPINESS.


And it truly was…pure happiness! Kaity is hands down, one of the most warm-loving & motivational souls in the biz. Her attitude is contagious…even if you try to avoid it! Along side my *really awesome* fellow bootcampers, we were determined to kick butt & take names. Then, I got kicked off the bootcamp wagon (ok, it was my birthday weekmonth & I may have kicked myself off of the bootcamp wagon). I found myself back in the same slump as before, tired of feeling like I am truly becoming an icicle because it’s so darn cold, not wanting to go outside or be active, and the only thing that seemed to soothe me was warm comfort food. And, we all know, comfort food = absolutely not okay for daily consumption. So, I decided to kick myself in the butt & re-implement those habits I had started forming the first 3 weeks of bootcamp.


Fascinatingly enough, it’s easier to stick to these habits when there is not all the pressure of “breaking the diet” or feeling guilty because I am not supposed to eat certain things, deemed by Coach Kaity. Once again, my commitment issues surface… the release of all the pressure of NOT eating or drinking certain things allows me to unconsciously be able to stick to a healthier regime. Nothing more than slapping a defined label on something makes me want to break out of the box more than ever!


I’m a social butterfly & a self-proclaimed foodie, and i love exploring our city. So I often combine the three loves. While most of you probably know, if we’ve ever chatted – i love well crafted food, cooking (from scratch), and experiencing all the renowned restaurants in Indianapolis, both new & old…all activities in which pair well with red wine. Fancy that!


So, how have I transferred my habits when I eat out & which places are accommodating for special dietary needs? How do i modify my meals while out with friends? Well let’s just get one thing straight…we’re 24 & our meals come equipped with cocktails most of the time. Disclaimer: the drinks actually DO NOT fall in line with healthy habits. Don’t judge us! Here are my top 5 faves in my hood (Broadripple):

1. Petit Chou – our Sunday morning brunching spot. upscale version of Cafe Patachou – best in indy!

Broken Yolk Sandwich – opt in for gluten free bread & request NO butter on the toast.

Hippie w/ a Benz Omelet – opt out of cheese, opt in for light field greens instead of toast

paired with a Lavender mimosa (if you’re feeling naughty)

2. Monon Food Co – “MOFOCO” only a hop, skip & a jump away from my house

Hawaiin Fish Tacos – opt in, corn tortillas. *hands down, best fish tacos in Indy*

Thai Chicken Salad – opt out of baked wontons, and the chicken (if you’re a veg head!)

Three Floyds Zombie Dust – my favorite IPA only for $4.25 (which is a steal, basically)

3. 317 Burger / None The Wiser – a NEW craft burger/beer spot brought to you by the same company as Usual Suspects

ANY burger on the menu – opt out of a bun & cheese, opt in for a bed of lettuce

frequently rotating local craft beers

4. The Kitchenette – quaint little lunch spot

Superfood Salad – opt out of feta cheese

seasonal soup

5. 3 Sisters Cafe  – great veg & vegan options

Happy Garden, 3 Delight – opt in for all ingredients! 🙂


Okay…Guilty Pleasures: Treat Days!

Twenty Tap – phenomenal craft beer tap line, unique twist to bar food, awesome vegan options, and amazing atmosphere

The Brugge Brasserie – our friday night spot: mussels, frites, and the Tripel de Ripple (warning: limit 2)


And, a raw-vegan cafe coming to my backyard soon, Ezra’s Cafe (and boy, am I excited about it).

As hard as it can be to stick with healthy habits when eating out with friends, it is possible. It’s all about modifications. And, we already know, the rest of the world is slowly catching on to what our bodies can handle in order to sustain these lovely figures. Restaurants will begin to follow suit, or they won’t, and new restaurants will be created. Most of all, I like to be in my kitchen. This way, I know exactly how it was prepared, and I can be cautious of the ingredients included. Restaurants always make me nervous because you never know the quality of ingredients they are including in the meal. So, be wary of the restaurant and what they’re about. Do they care about good quality ingredients? A tell tale sign is the kind of verbiage they use on their menu. If they are candid about the type of meats (local, grass fed) and the produce (local when possible), that’s a good sign. Be conscious. Be aware. You are what you eat! So don’t be cheap, easy, fast, or fake.


Focus your attention on the good, the healthy, and the active – your energy surely will follow (and lead you to Reforming Indy)!


This is just a short list of my most favorite places. Questions or recommendations about places around the city? …you know where to find me!