How to Beat the Winter Blues


With the holidays behind us, and winter weather in full force, many see this time of the year to be difficult. The winter season seems to affect people differently, and many can experience mild depression, low energy and lack of motivation. Being consciously aware of this effect will allow you to overcome the blues. We have a few simple tips to get your mind and body back on track, so when spring hits you are ready to roll.

Stay Active:Picture 382

Of course we are going to endorse staying on track with your fitness. Everybody knows that exercise is the key to maintaining weight and staying healthy. It can be a great stress reliever that can give you energy to last throughout the day! Not to mention, exercise gives you the endorphins your mind+body needs to stay focused and motivated through these dull, gray days.

Look into the Light:

Even with the bitter temperatures, it is a good idea to get some fresh air at some point in your day. The natural sunlight provides our bodies with Vitamin D, a nutrient essential to health and good mood. So, bundle up and go for a quick walk during the day or sit near a window in your home or work to take advantage of the sun’s rays. If all else fails, make sure to take a vitamin D supplement to get your recommended daily value.

Eat Healthy:

It is no surprise that the nutrients you provide your body will either help or hinder your mind+body. Eating a healthy diet is essential to beating the winter blues. Drinking plenty of water and eating whole foods will give your energy a boost and provide your mind with a fresh, healthy outlook on life.

Put Your Resolution in Motion:

With a new year among us, put your new year’s resolution into play. Whether you vowed to be more mindful during your flows or you have promised to focus on creating a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, stick to it. The positive energy that success brings will allow you to forget about these dull, gray days.

Treat Yourself:

Have something to look forward to…this can keep anyone motivated. Set a goal, and when you reach your goal, reward yourself. You should…you earned it! Achieving not only improves your mood but it also makes you want to work harder. So, do a set of 100s with perfect form and buy a piece of lululemon afterwards. If you feel good, you look good…right? Right!!

When it is all said and done, consciously being aware that the season is getting you down might be just what the doctor ordered. So go through the day mindful and take action. But remember, this won’t last for long. We will be complaining about the hot heat before you know it.

Take it easy & enjoy the ride!

~ Annie