Kaity’s Adventure to IDEA World Fitness

When asked to write about my experience in Anaheim, CA at the beginning of this month, I became a little overwhelmed on how to fit such an AMAZING experience into a small blog post. I got to meet Viveca Jensen, the creator of Piloxing, I worked out with JILLIAN MICHAELS, and I learned from some of the best in the biz all week. I am still on an inspirational fitness high!
kaity IDEA

But when I stopped to think about content, I realized that my Indy-an family doesn’t necessarily care about body challenge variables, optimal health promotion, the 101 ways I learned to BOSU, or even what anaerobic or isometric mean in theory as applied to fitness. Thankfully, I do, and am passionate about learning more and applying it to what I bring to the studio and to my classes. What inquiring minds want to know, I believe, is how this experience will affect them in classes, and what I am attempting to transform into as a professional. So here are my 3 biggest takeaways from the conference and my week in California:

1. Always Provide Progression & Allow Regression.
I learned this in both the literal meaning for a class and figuratively for how I approach people with limitations that come to my classes. In the literal sense, a burpee is not going to work for everyone who walks through our door. Some people are going to need more to meet their goals and challenge their ability, and some people are going to need less based on bodily limitations. So I know I need to be prepared in classes to provide ways to progress (or intensify the movement) or to regress (modify the movement). Client A comes in with the goal to become a professional body builder and having been an athlete his/her whole life. Client B, however, comes in at 60 years old, with a knee injury, never having been an athlete, and wanting to just be able to keep up with their grandchildren and to feel energetic. BOTH clients are welcome and should be made to feel empowered when they leave my care. THAT is always going to be my goal. What brings me to the figurative sense of how I treat clients is just that. I will never look at a client with sympathy. Sympathy means that I feel bad for you, that you have a reason to give up. I will always promise to look at you with empathy. Letting you know I get it, that I know it can be hard. That eating healthy and being active is not always the easiest option and that I struggle some days too, but that you deserve it and that it is worthwhile at the end of the day.

2. Create Your Memorable Essence.
I was encouraged to create a mantra (10 words or less- which is hard for me), or a brief “elevator speech”, that embodies WHO I am as a fitness/wellness professional, and WHAT I want to bring to the table every day. This one was easy for me to come up with, because I have always said that my inner social worker is never going to go away, even with my professional shift. That is my background and I brought that with me to fitness and wellness. I want that to make me stand out as a unique individual and coach. My mantra is “To Bring Authenticity, Empowerment, and Community to Fitness and Wellness”. This means that I want to make you feel at home; that you are a part of an all-encompassing community when you step through our doors; that you look forward to coming to the studio and working out; that you feel safe but challenged daily in your workouts and mentality; that you feel like you are a ROCKSTAR when you leave class; that you know you can come to me at any point with any questions and any needs and know that you will be taken care of; that you know how freakin’ awesome you are; AND to help coach and guide you be the best you possible. That is who I am and how I will always strive to treat clients.

3. “You can’t change the world. But you CAN change who you are in it.” -Jillian Michaels
No, I cannot strike obesity out on my own. No, I cannot make everyone love fitness and want to make a change in their life. No, I cannot make someone see their own self-worth and potential. However, I can lead by example and encourage people to find their niche in health. I can empower people to be their best and create an environment that allows for self-discovery and positive change. I can continue to create diversity in my workouts and pull in new formats that help people become excited to work out. And I WILL be myself always, as goofy, nerdy, transparent, passionate, and heartfelt as I am, every day. Whether people love me for it or not, I want you to be as YOU as you can each day, so I’ll show you how great it is to be comfortable in your own skin.kaity IDEA 2

So yes, I had some kick @$$ workouts and learned a lot of awesome new moves, learned the science behind why things work and don’t work, became an Insanity certified instructor, and developed so many new goals and dreams for my future. But even more importantly, I came out a better person, a more knowledgeable professional, and the biggest cheerleader in YOUR hopes and goals.

Coach Kaity, OUT!