LOVE yourself LOVE your body


Love yourself and LOVE you body.

This is our Reforming Indy mantra for the month of February.  I sent an email out to the staff asking what they LOVE about their body or what they are working on loving about their body.  What better month than February to be gently reminded that self love and acceptance can take your workout and your life to the next level.

Everyone has struggled at one time or another with loving their body.   On any given day it can change depending on how you feel, what your ate, if you worked out, etc.  This month challenge yourself to stop the negative self talk.  Replace it instead with daily affirmations, a manicure, a Pilates class, or a juice! Whatever makes YOU feel good about yourself and your body, do it!

I emailed the staff to get some perceptive on whats struggle with loving with their own bodies and I got some amazing responses.  Jen Tyson gave me one of my absolute favorite responses to the question, “what do you love most about your body?”  Jen told me that growing up, her friend’s mom used to say, “Your body isn’t beautiful because of what it looks like, it’s beautiful because of what it can do.”  Like many women, Jen found a real appreciation for that when she was pregnant with her first child.  She also finds herself thinking about it when she is working out. “I may not always see exactly what I’d like when I look in the mirror, but when you see how much you are capable of, or complete an advanced or challenging exercise, and feel really strong, that’s a good lesson, appreciating what your body can do.”

I couldn’t agree more, one of my personal favorite motivators is learning to love what you have, while working towards what you want.  Our resident fitness guru, Coach Kaity said, “I love that my body is a vessel to live all of the amazing adventures this world has to offer.  I love that my body moves, dances, lifts, squats, skips, hugs, so much more.  I love that my body is my own and that it is unique to me.”

Some days it is about appreciating your fitness journey that you have been through.  Katie Jordan not only loves her fabulous hair but through her fitness goals she has learned to “Rock What She’s Got!”

Kelly Ewen teaches one of the most kick ass fitness classes I have ever taken, Lean Interval Training, and is such a strong and fit woman.  Kelly says,  “I love my arms, but am learning to love my stomach after having 3 kids.  My stomach will remind me that our bodies can do more then we can ever imagine.”  Another great reminder to take a moment and marvel at what your body has been through or might go through in life, and appreciate how amazing it is!

A huge part of loving yourself is loving and accepting your body but it is not the only part.  Reminder that your worth has never been and will never be your weight, and that if you are treating your body right and taking care of yourself every day it is only part of the equation for self love.  I challenge you, are amazing, strong, and talented clients to cut out the negative self talk and replace it with some daily affirmations.