Michelle Goyer

Michelle has been a client at Reforming Indy in Carmel for years now.  When I first started at the desk 2 years ago she was one of the first people to learn my name so naturally she became a favorite of mine.  As I got to know her my admiration for Michelle only grew.  She is never without a smile, she’s thoughtful, and sweet she is one of the most inspiring and kind hearted women I have ever met.

Her passion for Reformer and her drive to take care of herself so that she can take care of her family are just a few of the

pilates carmel indianathings that make Michelle amazing. She got started after seeing and hearing about Reforming Indy and Reformer Pilates and decided to try it out. She says, “I had done mats Pilates before, but never on the reformer. Then I found a Groupon…walked in…Ashley was there and I knew I had to try it. She introduced me to Molly. She thought she would be a great instructor for me and she was/is!” Michelle had an instant connection to Molly that helped her get through a difficult time her in life. “My mom had a terminal illness and I needed a distraction from the emotional roller coaster of caring for a parent. Molly listened and helped me focus on taking care of myself too. She had a life-changing effect on me and still does to this day. I’ll never forget how she helped me develop a love for Pilates…actually all of the instructors have played a role in my desire to stick with it!”

Michelle credits Pilates and Reforming Indy with not only her mental health and wellness but her strong core! She says “I’m stronger in my core, posture and making sure to engage all muscles also when I run. The mental piece is such a significant part of my day too. I feel like a different person when I take a class.” She loves that the instructors make her want to be a better version of herself each time she comes to a class. She also notes, “To walk in each morning and be greeted by Cat is what makes you want to continue to come back each time. I can’t say enough about how much I love everyone at Reforming Indy…from the teachers to the other students. It’s amazing!!” We look forward to seeing Michelle each and every week when she is here (2-3 times to be precise).

To summarize Michelle says that Reforming Indy is a “Life-changing place every day!” Congrats Michelle on being our Client of the Month for January 2016! We are so lucky to have you as one of our most loyal clients and are practically family now.