New Year Resolutions: Friend or Foe?

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

It is the eve of 2015 and I am bracing myself for the #newyear #newme explosion that is sure to hit all forms of social media. When I was younger I remember my teacher having us write our New Year Resolutions on colored construction paper and hanging it around the class for everyone to see. Inevitably my 10 year old anxiety would set in; Are my goals too lofty? Can I accomplish that? Wait, are mine too easy? Now, on the brink of adulthood, it is no different. The invention of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter has made it easy to post your goals and then do a daily update through the year on where you’re at with achieving them. This can lead to one of the biggest motivation killers: comparison. There is a saying that I find to be true, “Comparison is the thief of joy”. So instead of looking at someone’s fitness progress, weighnew year bannert loss, or juice cleanse success and become frustrated with yourself or jealous of others, take a moment to reconnect to the idea of why we set these goals. Is it to compete? NO! It is to better ourselves.

I am all about self-love and being proud of your hard work, and if for you that means posting a selfie of your fitness progress, then go for it! Celebrate what you have accomplished or what you are working towards. But if looking at others progress photos or inspirational posts starts the comparison game for you, just hit unfollow and remember we are all on our own journey and yours is unique to you.

For many of us here at Reforming Indy we don’t like to set a Resolution per say. Coach Kaity likes to set her New Year Intentions. On her list this year is taking more time out to take care of herself. Annie likes to set a health related goal for herself that doesn’t involve a number but rather a healthy habit; like drink more water.  Tod, the voice of reason around here, sets goals for himself but doesn’t make them public since they are just for his own personal growth.

My New Year Resolutions usually come in the form of an affirmation. I am a believer of manifesting your own destiny. If you focus on what you want to happen to you instead of what you don’t want to happen to you, it will come to fruition. So this year, set your resolutions or intentions or make your lists. But remember whatever you decide to do or don’t do, make it for you!