Pilates Is Health Insurance

It’s sometimes hard to explain to people what Pilates is and what it does for the body. I came up with the concept of explaining Pilates in terms of being like a pre-paid health insurance plan with super benefits, let me explain…

There are two ways to train the body physically, you can aim for “peak performance” or “peak fitness”. Peak performance is where you aim to absolutely maximize your potential at the detriment to other factors. An example would be power weight lifting, although you may be able to squat 600lbs you probably might not be able to run a mile as fast as you could if lifting was your sole focus. Many people train very hard at lifting weights or cardiovascular fitness or individual sport skills, but very few aim for a well rounded approach. Peak fitness is about maximizing your potential without reducing any other levels of health and performance.

This is easier said than done as many activities we do can harm our health or bodies in other ways, even if slightly. Running is a great calorie burner and cardiovascular system improver, but without an equal effort into other endeavors the runner’s flexibility, joints and upper body strength, as examples, can be compromised. So where am i going with this? Well…

Pilates just happens to be one of the extremely rare activities you can do that is purely a peak fitness exercise system, probably because Joseph designed it to be just that!

A huge amount of later in life injuries, accidents, aches and pains are due to a completely avoidable problem. We’d generally think our bodies “break down” due to long years of use but its actual under use that cause most problems. Our bodies don’t get moved, stretched and challenged enough to stay young and healthy. On top of this problem we tend to overuse very small portions of our bodies which cause them to become abused and problematic as well.

In every pilates session we aim to do two things, move the spine in every direction and challenge the core. Joesph strongly, and quite rightfully believed, that a person is as health as his spinal column. By flexing, extending, side bending, rotating and articulating the spine, we keep the spinal column free and healthy to continue to be the information superhighway that the brain uses to keep every single cell in our body working in harmony. It only makes sense that a break down in that two way relationship can only lead to issues down the road. Our core is the central support for our posture but more importantly for every single movement you make with your body! By improving the strength, control and awareness of this crucial structure we begin to move efficiently and also avoid injuries /accidents that a better balance would prevent.

Hopefully you are starting to see that Pilates is all about maintaining a rock solid foundation for long term health of our bodies, it is not about a sculpted butt, toned arms or losing fat (although those benefits are nice). Pilates is about making you the most well rounded and physically healthy you can be, now and in the future! What Joseph could still do with his body in his advanced age was absolutely amazing, not only can you still enjoy the same level of vibrancy in your later years but you can have it now!!

Pilates is health insurance, it is the best kind of insurance, it is preventative care that pays off every single day with tangible benefits. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure”.

Written by Michael Abbott