Top 5 TO-DO’s without a winter coat…

Remember that day, like two weeks ago? Yes, THAT one day. The beautiful one with glistening sun, warm rays, and nothing but smiles…Well, Annie reminded me that I was THAT girl, overly ecstatic & optimistic about one warm day in March. I didn’t even care – I had the studio door wide open and fresh air at my desk….

Spring Optimism

Here’s my top 5 Spring TO-DO’s:

1. ride 2 wheels to work.

I live right off the Monon in Broad Ripple, so its a little over 8 miles from door-to-door. It takes about 35-45 minutes depending on my eagerness. When I can actually get my butt out of bed early, I find it’s one of the best ways I can start my day! And, it’s always nice to know that I’m promoting green, earth friendly things. I dare you to #biketowork

#biketoworkout at Reforming Indy! via Monon Trail (Carmel) or the Fall Creek Parkway Trail (Fishers)

2. brockway patio beers/skinny margs with the reforming indy fam.

enough said.

3. find your green thumb.

what’s better than eating local produce? growing your own local produce & herbs! Start a garden.

4. eat ice cream

and don’t feel guilty about it…nope. ice cream soothes the soul – and I know this cool place that will help you work it off 🙂

5. indy 500 or BUST!

quite possibly the best event to ever grace the existence of Indianapolis. because, who doesn’t love a little jort & jean jacket action?!

I can hardly contain my excitement for all the activities I will be doing in the coming weeks with OUT a winter coat! So, open your windows, do a little spring cleaning, and let those rays shine in….what’s in your Top 5?